10 Ideas to Breathe New Life into Your Brand and Your Business

If your business is operating the same way today that it did when it was first launched, then you are probably losing business. Every business can always benefit from a bit of improvement. Change and consistent branding are important, so before diving in and revamping your brand or business model… consider these 10 ideas:

1. Be Ready for Change –

Shift your thinking and be ready, willing and able to let go of things which may no longer work.

2. Determine Your Mission –

Examine your strengths and weaknesses that form the complete picture, and gain clarity about what problem you are attempting to solve.

3. Talk to People –

Your customers are always the best place to start – what is their opinion of your product or service, and brand? What would they suggest for improvement?

4. Figure out Your Total Market –

What major changes has your market gone through? Is your product or service still relevant? What is happening outside your total market?

5. Research the Competition and Seek Allies –

How can you evolve to be more relevant than your competition? What emotions does your brand evoke? Who else shares those emotions?

6. Rethink Your Customer Base –

Can your product or service appeal to other customers?

7. Improve Your Product Availability –

Is your product or service easily available online? Have you explored new channels for doing business? Can your product or service be utilized in a novel manner?

8. Determine Suitable Solutions –

Don’t get stuck here, like most people. Don’t hesitate, just move forward. When you have answered the above questions, you will have identified where the key issues are. Now you can determine what action steps to take and what resources you will need to start solving these issues.

9. Create an Action Plan –

Write it down: problem, solution, budget, and timeline. Track what is working and what isn’t working, so you can adjust your course and correct any mistakes.

10. Communicate Clearly and Effectively –

If you are going to change, tell the story why in a way that reflects your brand.

Change is good, but change can be hard. Stay strong, be bold, and be different. You are in this for the long haul, right?

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