10 ideas to breathe new life into your brand & your business

Evolution is inevitable, which means you can’t run your company the same way forever, and being stagnant is one of the top reasons people re-brand.  It just happens, so it is okay.  But, if you don’t do anything about it, that is not okay because you will lose business.  Remember, everyone has room for improvement and change is the only constant we have.  So, buckle up, embrace uncertainty, have an open mind, and get inspired by these 10 ideas to breathe new life into your brand & your business:

“Even awkward first steps toward improvement are highly regarded by consumers.” ~ Michael Silverstein, a consumer and retail expert with The Boston Consulting Group

Here are 10 ideas to bring about change and breathe new life into your business:

1. Be Ready for Change

2. Determine Your Mission

3. Talk to People

4. Measure Your Total Market

5. Research the Competition and Seek Allies

6. Rethink Your Customer Base

7. Improve Your Product Availability

8. Determine Suitable Solutions

9. Create an Action Plan

10. Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Along the way to revamping your business, you may make some mistakes. That is part of the process. Silverstein says the key is to accelerate through the mistakes, realize them and adjust them until you get it right.

Read the full article from Inc. Magazine here: http://www.inc.com/guides/2010/11/how-to-rebrand-your-business_pagen_2.html


I hope you are starting to realize that you are communicating your brand every day, in every way. Just be you, fulfill what you promise and always give your best.

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