20 Costly Personal Branding Mistakes

This list will help you see where you need to focus your branding time.  Since mistakes can cost you a lot of time and money, it is always best to fix the mistake as soon as you are aware of it.  Don’t panic, just figure out how to correct it and remember, sometimes mistakes can turn a bad situation into a great opportunity, plus you will earn respect for being honest, proactive and accountable.  Take a look at the list of the top 20 Personal Branding Mistakes, write down the ones to correct, then prioritize and start fixing or avoiding these mistakes.


  1. Having a name that doesn’t make sense
  2. Not able to introduce yourself with impact
  3. Choosing the wrong niche
  4. Branding yourself in unrelated niches
  5. Not understanding who or what your target audience is about
  6. No branding plan in place
  7. Unaware of your branding activity results
  8. Having an unfocused, random online presence
  9. Not having an online presence
  10. Having too many social profiles to manage or keep updated


  1. Making promises you can’t keep
  2. Not practicing what you preach
  3. Not demonstrating what you preach
  4. Lacking personality
  5. Poor personal time management
  6. Weak network management
  7. Too self-serving; it is always about you and your projects
  8. Feeling entitled to success and acting like it
  9. Over reliance on past achievements
  10. Slow execution towards new goals

The number one way to ensure mediocrity is trying to be all things to all people and trying to achieve too many things.  It won’t work.

If you are overwhelmed and have a lot of mistakes to fix, then start reviewing what items or activities you can eliminate.  I have learned that the best way to gain balance is to break it down, before you can build it up.  Prune and hone, until you get to your core brand essence.  Remember, less IS more, focus on quality, not quantity, and your mind-set always exceeds your skill-set.

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