3 Top Reasons People Don’t “Get” Your Brand Identity

CowAs you know by now, a brand is not just about the logo and you are a brand, whether you want to be or not. If you are a solopreneur or small business – please stop looking at BIG brand examples. They have tons of money and muscle that the one person business can’t compete with.

I’m a one person brand just like you, here to help you strengthen your brand identity with simple, yet powerful ways in order for you to maximize your individual resources (time, money, energy, and muscle) behind your unique brand to help people “Get” you.

Think of your brand identity as the desired image of what you want your brand to stand for, how you want to help people and the reputation/legacy you want to leave behind.  The key to building a strong personal brand is to bridge the gap between your brand perception and your brand reality.

This starts with an honest and unbiased branding analysis to understand the top 3 reasons others don’t “get” your brand identity:

  1. Your brand identity is too vague, you are trying to be something you or not or your brand is a “me-too” version;
  2. You don’t know unequivocally what your strengths are, what your values are and/or you don’t believe in yourself;
  3. Your brand lacks a sense of direction and doesn’t include BIG picture strategy, thus it is communicated in an inconsistent and non-cohesive manner.

Here are some questions along with key checkpoints to help you start moving forward to discover, create and communicate a strong brand identity:

  • Is your brand vague or specific?
    —> If your target market is everyone or you feel scattered and confused; get specific.
  • What does your brand stand for?
    —> If you don’t wake up every morning knowing your passion and purpose; figure this out.
  • Are your programs and strategies well thought out and in place?
    —> If you are in a continual reactionary mode and recreating the wheel; set this up asap.
  • Are your designs compelling and communicating what you stand for?
    —> If you are embarrassed to show your business card or website; you need to rebrand.

Don’t do your branding backwards … here is your 1, 2, 3 step move forward process:

  1. Figure out whoBrandIdentity you are, what you do best, how you do it best, and who you serve {brand}.
  2. Then get your mindset, attitude, tagline, messaging, website, social media profiles and actions to match this {identity}.
  3. Next comes strategy, defining what success means to you, and then you can get your visuals in place {logo}.

Once you complete the above and feel confident, courageous and filled with conviction, you are ready to “Power up!”, connect and start some cool conversations!  Be patient, persistent and consistent and successful results (profits) will follow.


I hope you are starting to realize that you are communicating your brand every day, in every way.
Just be you, fulfill what you promise and always give your best. Kathy

Need help?  The Power up! Branding Guidebook can help you!

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