4 Tips to Gain Brand Attention in 30-seconds

1. Lead with a Bang

  • Five seconds. That’s how long you have to capture a listener’s attention.
  • Try a question or a statistic. “Did you know…?” or “Have you ever…?” are great lead-in’s. It gets the brain engaged and wondering what will come next.
  • Make your audience think to keep those ears wanting to listen to what comes next.

2. Choose One Focus Point

  • People don’t want to hear a laundry list of the ways in which you can help.
  • Choose one aspect of what you do; the most important benefit you can deliver.
  • You can talk more about your services when you are approached later.

3. End with a Memory Hook

  • Taglines are the way we remember brands.
  • If you make it short, sweet and memorable, then you’ll have some stickiness.
  • Sometimes people may not remember your name, but will remember your tagline.

4. Keep It Simple, Silly

  • Keep it simple and make a big impact in that short window of time.
  • If you can share your value, then you will have people asking more.
  • Grab attention, stay on task, and wait for people to ask you for your business card!

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