9 Tiny Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

9Personal branding isn’t something you can just sit down and work on for a day and then forget about. Rather, personal branding is built in small pieces, as your day-to-day actions all add up to the brand that is you. That’s exactly why there are so many small tips that can help you build your personal brand, taking things one tiny step at a time.

Read on, and I’ll share 9 tips that can help you slowly but steadily build your personal brand.

These 9 tips will help you identify what you’re really all about and help you find your niche:

  1. Consider what makes you different. When determining your niche, you should think about what makes you different from other brands out there.
  2. Identify your primary product. Think about what you have to offer others, whether it’s a service, resource, or special ability.
  3. Find out what your talents are. Consider what your talents are, what you’ve been recognized for and what you’re better at than most people.
  4. Think about how others identify you. Take a look at your brand attributes and confirm that your brand matches what others would say about you.
  5. Do something remarkable. Instead of playing it safe and sticking to what you know, do something that’s worthy of taking notice.
  6. Identify your core values. Share what really matters to you in order to identify what your core values are.
  7. Be unique. Don’t feel like you need to copy another person’s brand. Be unique and stand out.
  8. Think about your passions. Identify the things and ideas that you love, and identify your passions.
  9. Ask colleagues and friends to sum up your professional image. Get a true reflection of what you’re all about by asking others to define you.

Personal branding is all about figuring out who you are and how you want to project your image.


I hope you are starting to realize that you are communicating your brand every day, in every way. Just be you, fulfill what you promise and always give your best.

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