Benefits of Being an Entrepreneur

cropped-LadiesWhoBrand-LOGO-without-tagline-copy.jpgWith over five years of building my brand and business under my belt, I am reflecting the benefits of being an entrepreneur.  After all, if I am on a mission to Power up!® entrepreneurs, I need to start by inspiring those who are stuck and spinning their wheels, like I used to be… by sharing just some of the many benefits that one can receive by choosing to be the CEO of You, Inc.

As an entrepreneur, you have the power to choose:

  • How you spend your time each day
  • Who you spend your time with
  • Your income potential
  • What projects you want to work on
  • What your deadlines are
  • Who your clients are
  • If you want your office to be dog or cat friendly
  • What level of success you want to achieve
  • Having the power to make your dreams come true

ChoicesIf you don’t view the above as benefits or feel that you don’t have the power to determine the above areas; please take another look at the choices you have made, who and what activities you say yes or no to, and finally – start listening to your thoughts which will determine your actions and quality of your results.

Everyone has the power of choice and the ability to change their “I can’t” thinking and talking to “I can.”  This thinking will determine failure or success, and can fuel your personal power to make things happen, because that is what entrepreneurs do… make ideas come to life.

Need more convincing?  Here are my top 3 entrepreneur lessons for you:

1. Just start!

The only mistake you can make is not trying.  Everyone has to start somewhere.

2. Make sure you aren’t rushing to make things happen before you are ready to have them happen.

I made this mistake by getting others super excited about my vision, and allowing the momentum to fuel me to try and make things happen before I was ready — wasting precious time and energy.

3. Don’t give up on your dreams.

I almost made this mistake, so I revisited my passion and purpose (The “Why?“) to dial me back in.

Most likely, the hardest part keeping you from turning your passion and dreams into reality is starting, but take it from me, you can turn your passion and purpose into a business by consistently completing small action steps and continually thinking BIG.

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur and make your dreams come true?  I hope so, because it is a fun journey when you are in the driver’s seat of your personal destiny!

Want to see if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Here is a great article on 8 entrepreneur qualities.


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