Brand, Brand Value and Branding Defined in Plain English

The terms ‘Brand,’ ‘Brand Value’ and ‘Branding’ confuse a lot of people for three top reasons.

  1. The words are used loosely.

  2. There are tons of vague definitions tossed around too lightly.

  3. Most of the key ‘Brand,’ ‘Brand Value’ and ‘Branding’ elements are intangible, non-verbal and therefore hard to define.

You’ve heard the saying “actions speak louder than words.” Branding is where this saying carries a lot of meaningful value and also provides you with a simple, inexpensive way for you to brand yourself. Yes, you can brand yourself through your words backed by action. Easy, huh?

Before we get to the easy part, let’s put an end to all of this tail chasing nonsense and boil these three important terms down (after all, I am only talking about you and your future here) to simple, yet powerful plain english so you can win a gold medal in these games called entrepreneurship:

Brand = your reputation, your knowledge and your experiences combined with your personality

Brand value = how well you can communicate and deliver on your promises

Branding = the process of communicating and delivering your brand essence every day

No matter how BIG or small your promises are to you or to others, you must deliver on those promises! Notice I said promises to you, because normally we are usually last on the daily ‘to do’ list. This has to stop. Why? Because if you don’t take care of yourself; if you don’t treat yourself as a priority – you are hurting your personal integrity and your ability to fully be present and help others. 

Simple, inexpensive, and easy right?! Simple in concept, yet execution is another animal to tame. Inexpensive in terms of monetary cost, but it could be expensive in terms of energy, compromise and relationships, if the promise made is too BIG or you aren’t equipped to deliver on it. Easy, well you’ll find out that it takes practice figuring out what promises you can consistently deliver on and the reasons why or why not.

What I enjoy most about the Olympics are the personal backstories: Burden of expectation … Intimidation …  Bouncing back from defeat … Pressure to be the best, etc. Then you have the ads talking about potential, moments, dreams, being the best, etc. The Olympic Games serve as a great reminder that excellence requires hard work, dedication, attention to detail, lots of practice, perseverance, along with the ability and belief to push through any and all of the unexpected elements to realize these moments, and see these dreams come true. So many mental gymnastics to play and win, which is what it feels like being an entrepreneur sans the medals and world stage.

Hopefully, you realize that your brand has unlimited potential, everyone has the same amount of time and everyone has to face challenges based on their personal circumstances. How high we want to jump is up to us, but we must start taking ownership of our brand and brand value by delivering on all of our promises, no matter how BIG or small.  It just takes practice, which is what I’ll talk about next Friday.

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