Brand Your Personality – Interview on Rock Your Life TV

While in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting with Paula D’Andrea, host of Rock Your Life TV  to have a conversation in her gorgeous backyard studio.

Here is what Paula says about the video:

When you fully step into you, you’ll fully step into your business. When you are trying to ‘brand’ yourself in your business, community or relationships, you want to make sure you are bringing the best parts of you to the surface. ‘The Branding Lady®’, Kathy Bass joins this episode to discuss how you get through your blocks to Rock your life and biz on

Are you ready to put your hobby or dream into action?

Be ready to keep your momentum going and stay in action! Lack of motivation and action is the reason most people fail – even when they have a fantastic idea!!

Hope you enjoy the video:

As you get ready for action……
– step forward with the person who is behind the brand
– be in alignment with yourself and your product/service
– find the people who are right for what you’re offering
– be strong, be confident – know you’ve got a great product
– follow your instincts

Kathy says: “You get one ASK – go for it!”

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