Branding Benefits of Being Your Own Media Company

one clickWhat an exciting time we live in!  Think about it, you can be anywhere, anytime and reach anyone with the click of a button.  Yes, one-click and “Wowzers!” your photo, words, thoughts, video, idea, product or service offering is blasted into cyberspace for all to see, react, form an opinion and take action or not.  Pretty powerful, huh?!

ChoiceArrowsA lot of people say that they need to get noticed or they need to grow their audience or they need to “fill in the blank” but … that is not the challenge. The challenge, in my opinion, is that there are too many choices to harness the power that exists behind the “one-click” magic. My goal is to help you focus and get energized with some key insights along with a plan, so you don’t get confused or paralyzed from the myriad of choices that exist in our digital world.

Let’s break this powerful concept of “Branding Benefits of Being Your Own Media Company” into 3 parts that will show you the why and how-to’s along with a real, live example:

1 – Branding Benefits

  • People who hear about you or search for you can get to know you better and engage your services or buy your products sooner than later!
  • You get to control how you want to be perceived and provide a compelling reason for people start talking about you to help you build a stellar reputation.
  • Other people can increase your brand value by sending business your way as they refer to you as the “go-to” expert of <insert your domain name or specific expertise here >.


2 – Being Your Own Media Company

  • iconsIf you have images, words and sound; you have media files and can produce blogs, books, audio files and videos. You can also choose how, when and where your media files are produced and distributed, along with setting the price and keeping 100% of the revenues from your paid content.
  • You get to choose if you want to keep it live or pre-recorded, and you also have the option to pre-record content and sandwich it between a live format.
  • The goal is to keep people at your hub (a.k.a. your website) to be entertained, educated and engaged with quality, relevant and valuable content to entice them to tell their friends and of course, keep them coming back for more.


3 – My Personal Media Company Story

Over a year ago, I first launched Power up! Radio and TV,  but quickly realized that it was too soon and people weren’t ready yet, so I pulled it, but MediaRoomtwo things recently happened and it is live again! First, I read my latest issue of Food & Wine Magazine where the editor announced that the major trend of the moment is seismic transformation in media, and they’ve decided to make a more substantial change to make their magazine more inviting, dynamic and easier to read. Second, while at the New Media Expo in January, the first live International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV*) was launched to celebrate those that have been using their internet connection and other peoples computer screens and mobile phones as their own TV for the past 2 – 5 years. This solidified my belief that everyone is in fact, their own brand star and can be their own media company (production, distribution and promotion.) Realizing this important new reality is the first step to media success, and the next step is getting started.

Your challenge resides in identifying your core audience, figuring out your core content messaging, developing your content strategy, nailing down your headlines, and polishing your presentation skills, which takes courage, confidence, lots of practice and patience.


Not sure where to start? I’ve got the most effective exercises for you to Power up! your content:

  1. Tape a 1 minute video each day for 10 days to get used to the camera and see what messaging comes out.
  2. Write a headline and paragraph each day for 10 days to get used to writing a blog.
  3. Examine your video and writings to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are, then figure out where you want to go next along with identifying your core audience and messaging. Rinse and repeat, raising the bar to your standards of excellence every 10 days.

Hope this helps you realize your brand potential and builds your confidence to finally launch your own media company and realize that you are now in-command to create your awesome in-demand and on-demand content — enjoy the journey!

Want to see a media company in action?

playPower up! Seminar, the 1st beta episode on Power up! TV is here!

Amazing Women’s Journeys to Personal Empowerment, the 1st beta interview on Power up! Radio is here!

Would love to hear your comments and how your exercises are working below!


*IAWTV was founded in 2008 and is devoted to the advancement of the arts and sciences of web television production.

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