Branding Brief – December


I’m a BIG fan of your valuable time and talents … which is why this branding brief is going to be REALLY brief.  You’ve got lots to do, lots of people to see and lots to wrap up.

If you haven’t heard from me or seen me in awhile, here is why:
I’ve been living life, finalizing my research, finishing my book, creating a new workshop while making sure to take care of client projects, myself and my family.  Yes, I guess I’m a juggler like you.

My main message for 2014 (to you and to me) is to be aware of your content consumption.  It seems that nowadays, everyone is an expert and shares their opinion; no matter if it is backed by real experience or just judgement … which makes it wise for you to step back and be conscience of the difference between what you need to know, and what you want to know.

Like any contractor you would hire for your home or personal project, always ask for references, results or case studies, so you can be assured you are working with a true professional who will provide the most valuable results in  exchange for your time, energy and money.

Wishing you much brand success and personal happiness throughout the rest of 2013 and into the New Year.

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