Branding & Facebook – Back to Basics

“Embrace new technology but don’t forget the basics!  Don’t let Facebook overwhelm you.  Replace confusion with confidence.”  That was part of the Facebook event listing* that caught my attention because it sounded a lot like what I tell my clients about branding.

I figured that since I was self taught in social media, like most of us, this would be a great way to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on any fundamentals.  As we all know, Facebook changes every day and will continue to.  You don’t need to understand or keep up with everything, but you do need to know the basics and figure out how to use the marketing tool to fit your individual preferences and meet your goals.  If you are serious about building a brand and building a business – you need to find your own….wait, let’s hear it from the person that said it in her voice:

“If I could only share one piece of advice, it would be this–> Find YOUR authentic voice and embrace it. Don’t second guess who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your community will find you and you will find your community.”

  • Do you know what EdgeRank is?
  • Do you know if your posts on a page or a group show up on a Google search?
  • Are you being scraped?
  • Do you know how to gain affinity and show up on the top of the newsfeed?

You can find out these answers and more if you attend the class, but don’t worry, I’ll give you a head start: provide valuable content that relates to your specific expertise.  I attended a $1,500 SEO & SEM class through the AMA last June, and almost all of that information was wiped out about four months later.  Your free keys to SEO & SEM are to be branded and sustain a valuable, relevant and consistently branded presence.  According to Bill Gates, “Content is King.” The next wave will be content curation and context.  So, if you want to continue to ride the wave…provide original, quality content that communicates consistent branding.

In a recent Facebook post, Heather Dopson, who compared herself to a Doberman Pinscher when it comes to protecting your best interests, writes: “My goal is to educate small business owners & entrepreneurs on how to maximize their time using social media to grow their businesses. When someone says to me “I don’t have time for that social media stuff!” what *I* hear is “I don’t know how to use social media effectively!”  And that again, sounds very similar to my branding business.

Building a strong brand and Facebook presence requires truth, personality, and engaging communication.  If you can figure out how to harness the power of branding and Facebook; you are going to start doing what you love, and loving what you do.  Only you, your knowledge and your actions can determine how small or big your brand and your business can be.

* PS – You can find these monthly Facebook and branding events listed on the calendar.

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