Branding, not bragging

This one day at PodCampAZ {which will be TechPHX in 2012}, I heard Cary Pena, from AZ Family 3TV open up this 2-day informative and collaborative event with her talk: “Branding, not bragging.”  It was spot on and provided the audience with some great branding tips, along with a great example of a living, breathing authentic brand who is leading by example.

When Cary was questioned from someone in the audience who doesn’t own a TV about how she considers herself genuine…she pointed out that her parents are liberal hippies from L.A. and that she learned at an early age to always keep an open mind.  She is who she is, she likes to be fashion forward, and wear her hair longer than “media stereotypes.”  Since she is doing what makes her happy and what she likes, she is genuine.  She listens to her own instincts, and is not swayed by criticism or unproductive opinions from others – the key to authentic branding, or as Cary said: “Free to be me.”

Someone else asked her how long it took her to develop her own her brand to which she answered that it is a process and could be very lengthy if you don’t allow yourself to be yourself.  She stressed an important caveat: “Don’t try to be something you are not.”  Figure how to translate your life experiences and really listen to what speaks to you, then go out, live and be your truth.

Her branding, not bragging tips were to:

  1. Create your personal brand
  2. Boil it down to the core essence
  3. Always listen to constructive feedback
  4. Connect with those that see value in your personal brand

Bottom line: Be able to answer “Who are you?”  in one sentence with a concise, succinct mission statement.  Then start sharing your life experiences and aspects of your life that are interesting and relevant to others.  If you are adding value and sharing your knowledge, you will not be bragging; you will be building your brand!

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