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 Do you… want the basics? want to grow? want to excel?
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Briefcase is for: Anyone with an idea. Anyone who is stuck. Anyone ready for notoriety.


Branding Blueprint Power up!® Branding Book Power up!® Branding Book Power up!® Branding Book
Strategy Two 30-minute sessions Three 30-minute sessions Five 30-minute sessions
Distinction Tagline Tagline Tagline
Memorability n/a Logo or icon Logo or icon
Communication  n/a Bio paragraph Bio paragraph
Content  n/a 30 day content strategy 60 day content strategy


Top benefit: Focus. Clarity. Power.
How you will feel: Like a real brand. Like a brand attractor. Like an influencer.
Personal Investment: $749 $1,249 $1,749

à la carte options:

Power up!® Branding Book $15    
Power up!® Branding Book
+ 15 minute phone support
1 month email support $85    
30 minute phone support $95    
60 minute phone support $120    
90 minute phone support $145    
 Brand Diagnosis & Prescription  $295    
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“Knowing others is intelligence.
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.” 

Choices … YOU want to make the best choices for your business and you want your ideal client to choose you.  I get it.  I’m a one-person brand with a vast network of partners who loves to show other solopreneurs key strategic ways to build and grow your brand effectively and efficiently so you, too, can enjoy a sustainable lifestyle business.


I hope today is the day you decide to become the next best version of yourself, so you can shine from the inside out, plus have tons of energy left to chase and catch your BIG dreams.

Power up!® by embracing your past, but living your now!

Kathy Bass
Founder, Leader & Voice of Ladies Who Brand