Branding will help you catch a wave to success

WAVEWhen branding is done right, you will be able to catch a BIG wave in our shared ocean known as the internet.  If you realize that the internet has the power to diminish or build up your likeability, credibility and visibility; and you know that if you can Google yourself, you are a brand; then you are on board.  Bonus points for you if you ‘get’ that success in our new digital world is about becoming a memorable, relevant and sustainable brand.

Recently, our monthly branding brief with the title “What is Branding?” was emailed and it had the most opens to date.  Results showed that the majority of people don’t understand what branding is, so let’s start there:

What is Branding?

Branding is one of the single most important things you’ll ever do in a lifetime because it helps you operate at your full potential by being in alignment from the inside out.   Branding is the process of first figuring out who you are, who you help, where and how you help the most and then being able to communicate your important brand messaging in a compelling, consistent and charismatic manner.  When branding is done right, the following results will happen:

–> Ability to network at large with minimal time and effort
–> Enjoyment of an ongoing journey of discovery, fulfillment and success
–> Compelling competency that bridges the gap between you and your audience
–> Capacity to develop a system that enables you to do what you love and love what you do

Ready to cook up an excellent brand?

From my many years of cooking the right way and the wrong way, along with a couple of professional cooking lessons, I can safely say that the bottom line for success is to start with quality ingredients and when necessary, spice it up.  Here are 7 must-have ingredients, along with their magical powers to cook and serve up an excellent brand creation:

  1. PASSION creates awareness

  2. BELIEVEABILITY creates relatability

  3. CONFIDENCE creates interest

  4. PRESENCE creates sustainability

  5. CONSISTENCY creates trust

  6. INTEGRATION creates engagement

  7. CONVICTION creates conversion 

Of course, you’ll need just the right quantities, hand stirring and cooking time, along with the proper presentation!

Need help deciding if your branding dish is ready to be served up?
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