Brands are Created by the Mind and Moved by Emotions

Yes, brands are first created by the mind.  People define brands based on perceptions and personal beliefs, then people are moved by emotions to take action through exposure and interaction with a brand.  Branding is so often misunderstood.  Let’s get it straight – a brand is the whole package – the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly.  Everything you do reflects your brand and determines positive or negative brand awareness.  It starts with the core that should not change.   As your aspirations and vision come to life, you will add layers and grow your brand. 

Before you move forward, make sure your brand is solid to the core. Want to achieve a strong brand? Be true to you first. Ask yourself some branding questions, by starting with you and build it up from there.  No matter how long you have been in business – refresh yourself to make sure you are being authentic and relevant:

  • You- Are you doing what you love?  Are you solving a valid problem or filling a true need?  What makes you unique and able to do this better than anyone else?
  • Your beliefs – Know what you stand for first, otherwise you’ll fall for anything.
  • Your business name – Does it describe what you do?  Is it professional?
  • Your usernames(domain, email, social media sites) – Match your business name to increase impression & memorability.
  • Your tagline/slogan – If your business name doesn’t describe what you do, help your audience – bridge the gap and spell it out.
  • Your products or services – Are they the best quality they can be?  Is there a fair exchange between value and price?
  • Your messaging – Includes how you introduce yourself, your attitude, your voicemail, your hold music, your email and phone communications, what you promise and what you deliver, your profiles, your credentials and your collateral.

Test – if this was easy, you are dialed into your core brand essence.  If this wasn’t easy, make sure your answers are truthful and reflect reality, instead of wishful thinking.

Become a Brand Magnet: Focus, add value and earn your credibility, then your audience will be magnetized and seek you out.

Bottom line: Brand = promise + experience + communication on a regular basis

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