Build Your Brand: 4 Step Process

In order to survive and thrive in today’s information overload world, personal branding has become more important than ever and is your key to success.  Building a powerful brand is a four-step process — discover, create, communicate and maintain.

1. Discover your brand. First you need to establish who you are, what you’re passionate about, and where your expertise shines.

Discover your brand by thinking about how you want to be perceived to your audience and how people already view you by obtaining feedback from those in your network.

Outline what steps you’ll need to take to reach your goal and figure out how you’re going to market yourself to your audience.

2. Create your brand. After discovering what you want to do and claiming a niche, it’s time to create your personal branding toolkit, which can be a combination of various marketing collateral and social media messaging content.

Everything you create serves as a talking point with your audience, whether you’re searching for new clients or looking to start your own company or wanting to get to the next level.

3. Communicate your brand. Now it’s time to become your own spokesperson for your brand. A few easy communication tactics you can use are to comment on blogs, guest post for blogs, write for online groups, pitch to journalists, and attend networking events.

Make sure you have a solid message, and know who your target audience is, so you don’t waste your time and theirs.

4. Maintain your brand. Brand maintenance is extremely important, yet can be tedious. As you grow your brand, all of your marketing collateral and messaging must be updated to reflect your current situation, while always remaining truthful.

You’ll also want to monitor your brand for any threats or opportunities by setting a Google alert for your name, and top keywords in your industry.

Maximize your chances for success by going through the entire process.  If you rush through or skip any of the steps, then you’ll find yourself without a clear direction, and with a lot of anxiety, thus having to rebrand yourself very soon.

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