Clarity: How to be in flow and complete everything you have to get done

Clarity: How to be in flow and complete everything you have to get done by Paula D’Andrea

Paula D'AndreaThis is part 3 of a special 3 part guest blog by Paula D’Andrea who is an amazing transformational specialist and new friend. We first met at a CEO Bootcamp in Los Angeles. Within a week, after a LinkedIn connection, email  and phone conversation, we taped a video together and afterwards had an amazing conversation about confidence and how to be in alignment (flow); which is the key to becoming, being and remaining a successful brand.

Here are Paula’s thoughts and tips on how to help you focus in order to be in flow with everything you have to get done. We started with productivity and sanity , and now we’ll finish withe the third tip: clarity – to help you be confident, so you can make swift, timely and sound decisions – and the most of your time.

One key to being confident is knowing you are in flow with everything you’ve to get done.  To be able to honor yourself, value yourself and make the most of your time.  To be clear …


Ever notice that the more you accomplish, the better you feel about yourself?  That builds your confidence, and it gives you the ability to do more.  Having a clear mind and a clear desk is like rocket fuel!  Everything about you is firing on all cylinders and you become more magnetic.  People gravitate towards your clarity and confidence.  You are the person they want.Clarity

Avoid procrastination – get it done now, and let the task at hand be one less thing to cloud your mind.  And remember, if it’s something you can hand off, delegate it.

Trust your instincts – you don’t have to seek the approval of anyone else…. know it, own it, rock it!  Sure, you can talk things through with your adviser, mentor or colleagues – just know that your inner alchemy will be spot on the more confident you become.

Take pride in your acumen – you know your stuff… it’s time to be really confident and share your inner light.  A healthy edge will keep you in alignment and in tune with your values so your ego doesn’t get the best of you.  All that confidence is ready to shine!

Confident people make decisions quickly, and they move from one project to another with grace and ease. We hope this clarity tip helps you make the most of your day and be the best brand you can be!

Thank you for contributing your knowledge, power and tips Paula! It was a pleasure meeting and taking with you.


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2 comments for “Clarity: How to be in flow and complete everything you have to get done

  1. August 5, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    Thanks so much for hosting this series, Kathy!

    Wishing you continued Success ~ Paula

    • August 12, 2014 at 3:14 am

      You are welcome, Paula!
      Clarity is a key element for being present which enables your brand to truly shine.
      Keep being the best brand you can be, one day at a time.
      Best wishes to you, and your hard work paying off in spades.

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