Power up!® Branding Helps Entrepreneurs & Those with an Idea

After almost four years of creating, experimenting and observing Seminars, Videos and Webinars … I have discovered that a simple, yet powerful 4-hour ‘hands-on, get it done and walk away with a customized strategy workshop’ creates clarity and focus to help YOU feel accomplished and confident to start seeing results!

Power up!® You and Your Brand

PowerupLadyWant help from a someone who not only studies and teaches the best branding and digital marketing practices, but can also serve as your personal guide who can relate to you and your challenges?

You’ll love this new hands-on workshop that I’ve created for YOU.* I will identify key branding elements to increase brand value and share various ways to build, strengthen and grow your brand to generate revenue.

You’ll walk away with magnetic brand energy, branding strategy and a copy of my new “Power up!® Branding” workbook:
Contains 34 pages of condensed, comprehensive knowledge from 49 books read + personal experience and 8 pages of exercises.

This workshop is for YOU* if…
* YOU don’t ‘get’ branding.
* YOU want to have people find you online and remember you.
* YOU want to start building a legacy and turn your talents and time into money.

Need help branding yourself?
Thought so … it’s next to impossible to do by yourself!
An experienced guide can help you avoid a BIG headache
+ save you tons of energy, time and money.

Click here if you are in Phoenix. All others click here.

About Kathy

Branding, to me, is just like being a sculptor shaping a stone into an image of solidity and significance, except my stone is a wonderful, living, and breathing human being!

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