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Plug inHope your January was a great month for you! For me, it was a non-stop learning and networking month that started with the New Media Expo, International Consumer Electronics Show, my first LIVE Twitter Chat and Women Investing in Women Summit. The month continued on with intentional efforts to efficiently condense, reinforce and share tons of the entrepreneurial new media content that I consumed across a variety of social platforms. All of this happily occurred in the midst of following up online with each one of the awesome new and diverse connections I made offline. Now, I’m wrapping up the month, after an unexpected 3-day slump, and am excited to share my knowledge nuggets with you, plus offer resources to convert your inspiration, knowledge and content into revenue that will Power up! your brand value.

By clicking on the links above, you can see photos and read highlights of the individual events and/or you can read the top 3 lessons below. Consider me your leapfrog learning guide who loves to discover the consistent, essential and powerful factors in order for you to focus and evolve into the best version of yourself (aka brand YOU):

  1. Humans and technology can bring an idea to life, but the space between idea and execution is vast. Strategy, taking small action steps and FOCUS are extremely important to create execution momentum if you want to see your idea take on a valuable life of its’ own.

  2. Our online and offline worlds have converged in a BIG way, so the need for relevant, compelling and integrated content is strong and must move to the top of your priority list.

  3. In order for all of us to achieve maximum success, we need to embrace and learn leapfrog lessons from each other by figuring out the right questions to ask and how to collaborate with each other to find our own unique answers along with creating win-win partnerships.

After attending these events on various levels of participation (general, V.I.P., interviewer, interviewee & behind-the-scenes observer), my learning curve was greatly accelerated and I got inspired … until I got stuckSpinningMyWheels in a 3-day slump which left me spinning my wheels. If this sounds familiar, don’t you worry because clarity arrives after chaos.

Most of us are in a slump because we have consumed too much content and are continually flooded with ways to create content. The clarity to diagnose and overcome this slump came from my online mentor, Marie Forleo:

  1. Hunger for knowledge is awesome because learners are earners.
  2. Don’t confuse getting inspired with getting things done. 
  3. Create before you consume. 

Bottom line: Conscious content (media) consumption & creation will keep you content (feeling).

As promised, here are some resources for you:
Blog: “3 Keys to Consume Content From Conferences without Bloating” by Kathy Bass
Video: “When inspiration backfires.” by Marie Forleo
Workshop: If you are seriously ready to “Convert Inspiration, Knowledge & Content inMoneyto Revenue” and want help from a guide who has been there and done that…
then you’ll love this new hands-on workshop that I’ve created for YOU.* I will identify key branding elements to increase brand value and share various ways to generate revenue. You’ll walk away with magnetic brand energy, content strategy and a copy of my new “Power up!® Branding” workbook.

I’ll be running several of these 4-hour workshops in February, just contact me with your availability here.

This workshop is for YOU if…
* YOU are overwhelmed with content.
* YOU want to start seeing revenue from your content.
* YOU want to start creating content, but don’t know where to start.

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