Customers, Curation, and Conversion + 3 easy action steps

Are you challenged with customer service, content curation and/or customer conversion? 

We’ve got your solution to these 3 C’s covered in the March “Branding Brief” that was just emailed to our contact list.  Here are the highlights with 3 easy action steps:

Customer service – Without customers, there is no business.  With customers and excellent customer service, there are referrals. What you say and how closely it matches what you do will determine a good or bad customer service experience.

On Monday, instead of trying to acquire new customers, I encourage you to focus on your existing customer service process by asking yourself these 3 elimination questions:

  1. What information am I asking for that I don’t really need?
  2. What steps am I requiring my customers to take that aren’t necessary?
  3. What products or services are no longer valuable or how can I increase value?


Content Curation – This is the preservation and maintenance of your digital branding assets – your images and your messages.  This includes your blog {or lack of one}, your social media posts {or lack of them}, your website messaging, and any other platform that you log onto.  The key to successful curation is to create cohesive content that follows a consistent brand messaging strategy {if you don’t have one – you need one}.

On Wednesday, before developing your brand messaging strategy, I encourage you to try the “less is more” practice with these 3 action steps:

  1. View your website as someone who has no knowledge of your expertise.
  2. Print website pages — delete jargon, unnecessary words, and duplicate messaging.
  3. Review your last three weeks of social media posts and think about what your intentions and expectations were.  Were they met?  Why or Why not?


Customer Conversion – With excellent customer service and awesome curation, you still need to convert your audience to action.  You can’t try to convert too soon or too curtly, but you do have to ask for the business.  When someone first meets you, they may need to get to know you or they may be ready to buy – it is your job to facilitate their desires.

On Friday, figure out a way to accommodate the first time visitor, the ready to buy visitor and all those in between by asking yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What is the best way for someone to get to know me? Free newsletter, PDF, etc.
  2. What can I offer for someone to get to know me better? Blog, About page, etc.
  3. Do I have a clear call to action to convert someone who is ready to do business?

These 3 C’s can help you create branding congruency, so you will be able to achieve absolute clarity, enhanced confidence, and increased credibility in order to convert your audience to customers.

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