Designing a Powerful Woman and a Powerful Brand

Branding yourself can be extremely challenging.  The main reason is that you are too close to the subject, as well as being emotionally and financially invested.  The only way to figure out if your brand perception matches your brand reality is with a neutral outside perspective {By the way, it doesn’t have to be me; it can be a small focus group of trusted friends or colleagues… which would be free for you, aside from the time investment.}  Once you have the details of your brand perception, and where your branding gaps exist; you will be able to see the BIG picture, and then your branding success will come from self-packaging. This. along with a powerful mindset and proper promotion can create a powerful woman (or wo-man.)

Over the weekend, the subject of branding and social media etiquette came up in a conversation; so I think it is very timely to point these 3 main ‘keys to success’ out:

  • When you communicate with images and words on social media, you are communicating your brand.
  • Please remember that you are building a brand, a business, and a social media presence, all at the same time.
  • You will either successfully build a strong brand foundation or you will create brand damage; which will determine the quality of the business you build – you get to choose.

Here are the top 5 ways a brand can help your business; if you make branding a priority:

  1. A brand is your time saving filter to ferret out opportunities and screen out landmines.
  2. A brand is your magnet to attract your target audience and create brand ambassadors.
  3. A brand provides you with confidence to convert your audience to clients.
  4. A brand shows instant credibility to enable your audience to trust you, recognize your value and pay you for your services or products.
  5. A brand demonstrates that you are a serious business and prompts you to stay ‘top of mind’ when your services or products are needed.

If the “Why?” is big enough, the “How to?” will follow.  Why do you exist? Who are you? What is your burning fire inside to change our world for the better? Tap into that “Why?” and write your brand story.

In December, I was invited to speak about designing brand YOU at the: “Designing a Powerful Womanâ„¢ Telesummit — It’s a How To Not a Woo Wooâ„¢  The comic phrase “Get er’ doneâ„¢” is not lost on the 5 powerful women that have been brought together to give you the “HOW TO” of designing the best and more powerful YOU.”

I hope you can join us, if you are ready to change your life for the better, and start taking control of your life.

In case you missed this live event and would like to access the 4-hour recording with 5 powerful woman who want you to be the best you can be, here is the link to join in:

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