Brand Frazzled to Brand Focused in 7 days

BransonBased on what I’ve seen lately and what I hear on a daily basis, I’ll bet you are in the majority of people who are brand frazzled. Check out these five symptoms and decide for yourself:

  1. You are feeling overwhelmed and are more anxious than usual;
  2. You have too many choices to make each day;
  3. You’ve been wanting to unplug from social media for just a little bit;
  4. You can’t keep up with promises you make to yourself and others;
  5. You have so many things you want to be doing, but you just… just can’t find the time; you know that you can’t keep up with this pace anymore, but you don’t know how to get focused.

This describes the old me; so I understand how you feel and want to help you feel better, do better and be better naturally. Our world is changing way too rapidly for anyone to keep up at this crazy pace, so I’m happy to see that people are finally accepting that they can’t do it all and are okay with that. This self-realization and truth is the first step, so if you can understand that simple, yet powerful truth; you are ready for the 7 day challenge – congratulations!

As with everything I recommend, it has already been tried and tested by me. This way, I can figure out the least amount of steps to successful results, and can promise you will feel better and brand focused; as long as you invest the time and work at it… one small step at a time.

Ready to reduce overwhelm to free up valuable brand energy?
Great — let’s get started!Focused

Find the first Saturday you have available, mark your start date and then print this page to guide and help you track the following 4 items for each day:

1. Promises

  • Write down every promise you make, to whom and by when
  • Track if you completed the promise or if you didn’t, why not

2. Daily annoyances

  • Write down anything that keeps you from working efficiently
  • Stop what you are doing fix it, figure out a solution or get rid of it

3. Extras or unenjoyable tasks

  • Write down any projects, people or things that keep you up at night
  • Whenever you get free time, set a date and time to tackle your list

4. Thought focus for the day

Saturday & Sunday – Find at least 4 hours to organize your office

Monday – Pay attention to what energizes you & what saps your energy

Tuesday – Pay attention to what projects you really like working on & why

Wednesday – Think about who your favorite clients are & why

Thursday – Think about what you hope to gain by working on your current projects

Friday – Reflect on what you learned and see what solutions you can come up with to get rid of any items not serving you anymore.  Once your plate is cleared, your energy will be focused on all the good things working for you to attract more of the same!

In case of emergency, here is my personal brand screening trick for a quick reality check when unsure of a pending decision or task. Ask yourself “Is this a Priority, what is my Intention and what is my Expectation by saying yes.” {P.I.E.}

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