Have a brand. Define your personal brand.

Do you ever think about the brand that is you?

We are talking about your character, your charisma, your competence, your “you”.  It is what people come to expect when they see you, hear your name or talk to you.  If you haven’t already, you need to always think of yourself as a brand.  It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee, unemployed, a business owner, an executive, etc. Your brand is you and should continually be nurtured, maintained and loved.

If you want to define your personal brand, here are the “always be”:

“Unique”. Let’s not assign a label or title to this, because this is simply you. What defines you is what makes you special and different. This is who you are, what you do and why you do it best.  Why are you special? If you don’t know what makes you unique, take some time off to ask some tough questions about your strengths and weaknesses.  Make sure to be honest with yourself and write down answers.

“An individual”. Your job title does not define you as a brand.  You, as an individual, are always a personal brand; whether you are working or looking for work.  This is your reputation that follows you wherever you are and with whatever you are doing.

“Outgoing”.  Are you personable? memorable? When people think of someone to do BLANK, do they think of you?  Are you keeping up your professional connections and following up with new ones?  Do your social media profiles back up your brand?  Would you call you to do BLANK?

“Succinct”. Your brand is your promise and the experience that those who talk to you come to expect.  What BLANK do you own?  You should strive to be succinct in all communications to become that ‘go to person’ when people think of BLANK.

I hope you are starting to realize that you are communicating your brand every day in every way.  Just be you, fulfill what you promise and always give your best!

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