Have a brand. Generate referrals for your business.

How can luck and being branded generate referrals for your business?

After sorting through all of the brochures, business cards and emails from the NetworkingPhoenix.com attendees soliciting my business, I realized that there were only two meaningful connections made.   Why? They had luck and they were branded.

Luck = Preparedness + Opportunity

Preparedness: Since these two individuals were branded, had a specific message about what they do best, and knew their target market, we were able to establish a meaningful connection.

Opportunity: The first individual introduced himself, listened to my need and then let me know how his company was ready to offer a specific solution to solve this need. The other individual simply said “Hi” and introduced herself. Through a quick conversation, it became clear that both our businesses are founded on similar beliefs. Instead of being handed a business card with a 10-30 second commercial, I asked for their business cards.

But luck only gets you so far, because now you have to pass the screening process, and if you are branded, you will pass.  The next day, I checked out their websites and credentials. Then I set up an appointment with one and sent the other contact three referrals in one day.  Why? They were branded.

Screening process:

1.Are you able to introduce yourself and have people get you right away?

2.Does your business name match the solution/service you offer?

3.Do you have a professional business card?

4.Do you have a website that matches your brand and solution/service you offer?

5.Do your credentials back up your solution/service you offer?

When you start with your brand in mind, it acts as your filter and consistency is key with branding and messaging.  A potential connection starts with a simple “Hi”, and a brief conversation. Please don’t go into pitch mode. Once you’ve established that you are like minded with the same purpose, why wouldn’t you connect? And if you aren’t like minded, that is okay, excuse yourself and move onto the next person to meet.

I hope you understand how luck and being branded can generate referrals from those that you share a meaningful connection with. By the way, I have now received two referrals from one of the contacts (less than two business days later.)

Were you lucky at the Signature Event hosted by NetworkingPhoenix.com? Please share your success story.

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