Have a brand. Improve your brand identity.


A brand identity or vision is the desired image of what you want your brand to stand for.

But, if you don’t know unequivocally what you stand for, how will others know what your brand is all about?

If you have a brand with an identity that is too vague, along with a lack of direction; how can you expect to make your brand come to life?

How many times have you been handed a cheap, perforated business card and heard people instantly discredit their business card or mention that something has changed or even worse, try to introduce two separate brands at once?!  It gets put in the trash.

Too many startups get it backwards.  They start all over the place trying to help everyone and then gather visual branding elements as they move forward, piece by piece, with no brand cohesiveness. 

I always tell clients not to pass out business cards or network until they step back; put together a plan with strategy and tactics, produce strong branding visuals and start owning their brand.  Then and only then, can they start building strong brand identity.

Otherwise they are just wasting their time, our time, damaging their brand credibility and putting future business potential at risk.


1. What does your brand stand for?

If your brand wants to be known for BLANK, what programs/strategies are in place to communicate this?

2. Is your brand vague or specific?

If you are too vague, people won’t know how to interpret your brand and go elsewhere.  You need to be very specific to grab attention.  We are moving rapidly towards a micro niche marketing world.

3. Are your branding designs compelling and communicating what you stand for?

If your visuals are unprofessional or inconsistent with your brand and all its’ personality, you will instantly lose any further attention and cause a negative brand perception.

Figure out who you are {brand}, what you do best {unique value} and who you serve {ideal client}.  Then get your logo, tagline, messaging, website and social media profiles to match this (including your photograph!).  Grab your professional business cards off the press, find out where your ideal client hangs out and start a conversation!

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