Have a brand. Is Your Brand Increasing Your Sales or Killing Them?

Since I am on “vacation” this week..please welcome my guest blogger and fellow NAWBO member… Loretta Love Huff, The Dream Leader for Business: People and teams EXCEEDING their dreams!

Read on for wisdom from Loretta on how to tell if  your brand is increasing your sales or killing them:

Content derives from your values, beliefs and key messaging you deliver to the marketplace.  What do you say about your company or products and services?  Why are those things important to you?  Do your ideal clients actually care?  How do you know?

Style reflects the personality of your brand or firm.  Are you intelligent, fun, stodgy, casual, conservative or out in left field?  Again, is there a style to market match?  You need credibility with your marketplace and the way you ‘behave’ in your market will either attract or repel them and determine how much they trust you.

Graphics is all about the visual, physical representation of your company. It includes colors, font, logos and photography.  It is the first thing people tend to focus on and create but really should be the outflow of the first two components.

You must know who you are, but if you create your brand just based on your internal interests, you could miss the mark by a mile.  You must also thoroughly have an understanding of your target audience before you attempt to ‘present’ yourself to them.

If your brand is appealing, it will make people want you.  Real branding raises your bottom line revenues, lowers customer acquisition cost, increases customer retention and profitability.

Review the way you’re portraying your company, check with your clients and prospects to understand how they view you.  If you’re confident you’re sending the message you intend, market the heck out of it (in all of the right places, of course)!

Thanks for your valuable input Loretta! 

Happy Holidays to my readers!

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    Thanks Kathy!
    I’m happy to help. Glad you liked the article.
    Would love to hear feedback on it from you and your readers.
    Enjoy your vacation!

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