Have a brand. What happens when you are not true to your brand?

I keep writing about what a brand is and the great results that emerge from being branded; so let’s explore the other side.  What happens when you are not true to your brand?

A brand is being built from the first moment a company is created-often, even before that, when it’s still just an idea.  An authentic, well-conceived brand can be a company’s most valuable asset. If properly built, strengthened and utilized, a brand can move a company to a top-of-mind position among a target audience.  Conversely, if a company lacks an authentic brand or doesn’t stay true to its existing brand, it will never achieve the level of success that consistent branding can create.

There are a number of companies out there right now who have a lot of people questioning who they are. Not because they’ve never heard of them, but because the company is doing or saying things that are so far off brand that they’ve lost the instant recognition they may once have had, and worked so hard to develop.

Are you being true to your brand? 

If your target audience is not responding to your advertising as you’d hope and expect…if loyal customers seem baffled by your ads..if business is changing and it’s not for the better, it may be time for a good hard look in the branding mirror, because something’s just not right. You may have gotten too far off your authentic brand, and could be projecting a false or confusing impression of what that brand really is.

Words of Wisdom: Starting your branding on day one is an advantage. Knowing who you are at the beginning of your company’s life allows you to base decisions on your core values, philosophies and USP’s, rather than on whichever way the marketing wind is blowing that day.

The above are excerpts from a blog by Dana Pulis, CEO/founder of Kinetic Marketing Group

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