Have a brand. Why a brand can save you time and get you more business!

When you are branded, you can use your brand as a filter to save time and attract the right business.  You are clear on your passion, your point of differentiation and who your target market is; you won’t waste time or opportunity lost in uncertainty.  Therefore, by using your brand as a filter, you’ll save time by knowing when to say no to those clients or opportunities that don’t match your brand.  You’ll also know when to spot those yes opportunities that will produce more business.

With a strong brand, you can capture attention in that first seven seconds and show a lot about who you are and what you do, thus saving time and increasing your chances of capturing that business.

Since a brand is an abstract and intangible concept, it is easy for people to discount and say that branding isn’t important. But, as more and more people are starting to realize, especially with the rise of social media and shortened attention spans, the need for your brand to stand out and communicate your message is huge.

This question asks it best: What do you want to achieve – Mediocrity or Excellence?

Mediocrity? Trying to be all things to all people.

Excellence? Figure out how you are valuable rather than how valuable you are.

If you want to be average, then keep doing what you are doing, telling people how valuable you are and wondering why you are so busy, but don’t have more clients.  If you want to achieve excellence, then dig deep and figure out how you are valuable.  Figure out how you can become the solution.

Figure out your passion, your brand, your ‘You’.  If you love what you are doing and know what you do best, you will be able to communicate this through your actions and results.  People will be drawn to you as the “go to solution.”  You won’t be scattered and running out of time.

Simple is not dumb.  Simplicity is hard to achieve, but worth the process.  Simplicity provides clarity, focus and intention – the winning formula for success.

Bottom line: Simplify your life, clear the confusion and figure out your brand.

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