Have a brand. You are a brand today.

A brand is your identity and it affects the personality of a product, company or service.

Whether you like it or not:

You are a brand > If you don’t know who you are; how can you expect others to?

 You are always communicating your brand> Non-verbal, and even no communication, are forms of communicating.

Your brand will be communicated by others> Make sure they are fans who understand the brand, otherwise you’ve lost control. 


  1. Your unique product or service needs to be relatable, effective and high quality, along with always delivering consistent and impeccable customer service.
  2.  You must deliver a compelling, consistent identity in a manner that is visually engaging, if you want customers to come to you and ultimately establish your brand identity. “The brain receives information more readily when it doesn’t have to decipher what’s presented.”
  3. Your message is now being shaped and molded by the experience and interaction that people have with your brand and message. Best to keep the message simple and convey one salient point. 

If your product or service can’t definitively state what it stands for and how you differ in a few short words, then it is time to re-evaluate exactly what you are doing.

 When communicating your brand, which is always, remember:

  1. Present who you are
  2. Be prepared
  3. Have certainty
  4. Carry yourself with confidence
  5. Keep end-user in mind
  6. Know your unique selling proposition inside and out
  7. Structure your thoughts ahead of time so you know what you’d like to cover

Your passion is your brand, which is your identity and drives your purpose (vision with a plan).

  Do you feel like a brand?  Why or why not?

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