How Branding with Customer Service Increases Your Bottom Line

As I have said in the past: “Customers have the power to make us or break us.” In addition to that power, customers can help us shape our brand and add value to it, but only if we listen to what they need.  To demonstrate how this bottom line phenomenon works, here is a real story from a real person {me} that just happened.

We had a plastic part in our freezer break so I found three businesses to call:

Business A: Told me that they have a set fee without even asking any questions.

Brand Strategy: Get a technician to the house so they can collect their service fee.

Recommendation: Get a whole new unit at $223.90.

Result: I felt like a number and that they didn’t really care.


Business B: Asked where I lived and said he was in the area.

Brand Strategy: Be available no matter if this is the right customer or not.

Recommendation: He said he would look up the part and call me back.  He called back, and said he could only find a metal part and offered to come by and look at it.

Result: I felt like he didn’t run his business very well and wouldn’t be able to fix my freezer.


Business C: Diagnosed my problem over the phone and asked if I needed water filters.

Brand Strategy: Communicate with the customer and address their specific needs.

Recommendation: A part for $10.82, YouTube instructions, and a discount on filters.

Result: I didn’t want to buy anything more than the part, but she provided a discount and upsold me on a future need that I hadn’t even addressed yet.  WINNER!

Without customers, there is no business or paycheck.

  • Think of customers as a surprise to your day, not an interruption.
  • Think of customers as real people like you and me.
  • Think of customers as people needing your goods instead of you needing their money.

If you can think in that way and help customers overcome their problems by finding the best solution; you will in turn overcome your own business challenges.


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