Is Your Brand Fully Charged?

Are you feeling bored, unsure, and frustrated?
Do you want to feel truly, fully, magnificently alive?

If you said “Yes!”  or you don’t feel like your brand is fully charged, maybe my recent experience can help you.
In June, I was feeling magnificently alive and unstoppable, ready to roll out my rebranded look and then, “Wham!” life happened…
I received some upsetting pieces of news about three different family members which all required immediate attention. After a month of trying to get back on track, I started feeling unsure, frustrated, and even bored for the first time in my adult life. I made sure not to have any audience or client contact, unless I could bring a fully charged brand to the project or job in front of me, but it was extremely difficult and wasn’t moving me forward. I felt stuck.

Once again, I had to dig deep, and remind myself that no matter your position or circumstances, you always have the freedom of mind to choose how you experience, interpret, and persevere through life’s events. In addition, how we communicate and with whom we choose to experience these events makes a big difference. The summation of our decisions ultimately shapes our new reality for better or worse. Thanks to my fathers’ zest for life and optimism, I always choose better.

You can’t continue on the same path, hoping for something better while refusing to act boldly or not accepting changes. You must rattle your cage to break free from the land of comfort, where mediocrity lives, to the land of choices and opportunities, where excellence lives.

If you can relate, then I invite you to join me on the journey to better:

1. What I need and you need is to embrace uncertainty and adventure by not worrying about what is or isn’t around the corner;

2. We need is to release control by welcoming change and creative expression on a consistent basis;

3. What we need is to tap into our unique passion and bigger purpose that makes us feel truly, fully, magnificently alive!

YOU and the energy that you give off fuels your brand magnetism, so remember, you always have 2 choices:
1. Change your situation
2. Change your thinking about the situation

How can you fully charge your brand? Ignite that flame of potential that is inside you right now and get set aglow to live the better life you are meant to live.

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