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Get ready to “Power up!®” your next event by extending your brand reach, thanks to Aaron Kilby (Q), Anh T. Nguyen (A), and #MediaChat friends. Almost 200 people enjoyed an awesome hour on Twitter learning about how to maximize event coverage and attendee participation to enhance brand value, create conversations to form new relationships and increase sales conversion.

Social MediaQ1) How do you put together an event marketing strategy?
A1) Event organizer – Decide on your goal: creating buzz; promoting; gaining sponsors/exhibitors.
A1) Exhibitor – Decide what your goal is for event/tradeshow: branding, prospecting, networking.

Q2) How can a conference, trade show or event be promoted on social media?
A2) Create social media profiles for the event as well as a hashtag for event + Include SM profiles/links and hashtag on every piece of marketing sent out to sponsors, exhibitors, attendees.

Q3) How important is it to have a hashtag for the event?
A3) VERY important. Did I say VERY important?? Event hashtag creates a conversation stream that can be easily followed.

Q4) Should your company have a hashtag, if you’re an exhibitor at event?
A4) Using hashtag for your contest at the event is like an ‘event within event’…good draw for attendees to your booth. PS – “Say no to over-hashtagging”

Q5) How can events leverage having their own app?
A5) Events can use an app as one-stop resource for conference info, schedule, speakers, etc.

Q6) Can an event or conference app help engagement and interaction?
A6)  Event app used as social network seems to cement connections and add a great element of FUN!

Q7) As an exhibitor, how do I attract more attendees to the booth?
A7) Be sure to tweet + post about contests and games using event hashtag, draw people to booth.

Q8) As an attendee, how can social help me make the most of my event?
A8) Use social to connect with other attendees, speakers, vendors. Be sure to use event hashtag so you’ll be part of convo.

Q9) What are some follow up steps after the event?
A9) Connect with people + companies who were at event on social media – develop the initial meeting into a relationship.

Bottom line: Figure out your event goals ahead of time, then create and share your event hashtag to start a conversation stream which can be easily followed.

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Anh T. Nguyen, Founder of Amplified Marketing, has been a marketing and business development professional for over 12 years. She’s passionate about continuing to expand her knowledge of digital marketing tools and helping other business professionals do the same. Entrepreneurship runs in her family, with both parents being small business owners.





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