#MediaChat: Branding 411 to Power up! ® Your Brand

BrandingOn January 9th, I was invited as a guest on a 60-minute Tweetcast to discuss ways to Power up! ® your brand by better understanding the world of branding so anyone can achieve their personal and business goals.

It was fun, fast and furious and a wonderful learning, confirming and collaborative experience for all!

With anything successful, you need live and behind-the-scenes support, so I’d like to thank the awesome host, Aaron Kilby [@Media_Chat] along with Henry Min, Hal Wendel and Michael Schulz at Nestivity [@Nestivity] and the #MediaChat community for adding value to our time together and coming up with some great answers to these 7 questions (3, 4 & 7 were most popular):

1. Are you a brand?

  • Whether you work 4 a company or yourself, you are being & building a brand every day. Walk the Talk. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Absolutely. Being clear & consistent in all endeavors leads 2 strong personal brand. @onebio_me
  • I have projects with brands … but as for me, well, I’m just me. Brands are for cattle. @vielmetti
  • Top goal for brand YOU is to under promise & over deliver, no matter how big or small your audience. @LadiesWhoBrand

2. Why is branding so important?

  • Branding is the most cost-efficient & results-effective vehicle to create word of mouth advertising. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Online is all about perception, branding let’s people see a consistent image of who you are and what you do!! @lttlewys
  • It defines who we are and what we do. @MJasonHouck … And cross all platforms. @elizabethtraub
  • People are distracted & strapped for time – branding helps people to understand & “get you” in < 1 min. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Branding is like having a face that is recognizable. @websuccess
  • To build strong reputation and attract meaningful opportunities to have quality life. @onebio_me
  • Branding is like your thumb print ~ no one else like you ~ you are recognized as different (from others) @CASUDI
  • When you say “brand” (and I react badly) I say “persona” and think that might be OK. @vielmetti
  • A brand distills your philosophy and your unique qualities into something that resonates with people on a gut level. @PingHeather

3. What is branding all about?

  • Branding is what a person from the outside feels, sees and thinks. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Message, tone, voice, content, target market – more than just a logo and color scheme. @LisaRaymondAZ
  • Branding also helps u understand your personal value to help others understand & appreciate your value! @LadiesWhoBrand
  • How others perceive and articulate about a product or personal brand. @onebio_me
  • Branding is about differentiating from competitors, developing a strong identity, and then delivering on that promise. @nLight11
  • Think of branding as an invitation to anyone you come into contact with to start a conversation or not. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Branding is a calling card and an introduction. @websuccess … First Impressions @elizabethtraub
  • Branding is differentiation. Solving problems differently. Branding is style. It’s a non-linear path to identity. @fetchprofits

4. What is the top mistake most one-person brands make? 

  • Forgetting to answer the “Who am I?” & “What do I do best?” “Why am I doing this?” questions first. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Making it about themselves!! If I had a nickel for every time… you know where I’m going with this. @IAmMrSid
  • I see mixed inconsistent message as #1 mistake… Disqualifies value. @elizabethtraub
  • Not having a clear meaning or objective? @MJasonHouck
  • Inconsistency across different venues and not updating to keep it Relevant as time goes by. @onebio_me
  • Not being consistent! Really, if you are about #cats and #bacon stick to it! @websuccess
  • Not actively listening and observing which is as important as participating and contributing. @BrianBlatncki
  • Message inconsistent with visuals. Can also be inconsistent among contractors & employees. Get them on same page! @LisaRaymondAZ
  • Biggest mistake is not having the clear, straight to the point message  causing confusion about what the brand is all about. @husamerclyes
  • Being rigid and not adapting. Keep up or become irrelevant–very quickly! @nLIght11
  • Trying to be something you are not or faking it until you make it will repel instead of attract people. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Superlative abuse in status updates! Click here for the greatest most epic &crazy interesting story ever. @msgatoradr

5. Should your brand have a positioning statement that
describes what you offer, for whom and how you’re different? 

  • Positioning statement spells out what you are about, where you want to go + builds trust & connection. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • You should have a bio (140 characters or less) that matches your persona, and a short description for a hashtag (brand). @vielmetti That said, the bio for @vielmetti is in need of a rewrite, so what do I know. (love his honesty!)
  • Brand position should introduce your unique self, your key offering, ideal audience & call to action. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Yes.Positioning improves accuracy of the identity & provides clarity. @onebio_me
  • Besides your positioning statement your work with results would speak for you more effectively. @husamerclyes
  • Trust is what is important in #SoMe. You want people to get a comfort level with your brand. @websuccess

6. How can you differentiate your products or services for your brand? 

  • Exceed expectations. @CASUDI
  • Being Authentic. @onebio_me
  • Quickest way to differentiate “you” is to be specific, find compelling images & wordsmith your content. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Start by differentiating your company with the people you hire. @msgatoradr
  • Determine your product’s strengths and find a creative, compelling way to play off them. @PingHeather
  • By the value they provide and the brand standing good to them. @MJasonHouck
  • Become your customer’s or consumer’s “go to” like @Starbucks. @websuccess
  • Always get another set of eyes & ears to make sure your perception matches the reality you want to see! @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Differentiate by not using “cookie-cutter” approach. Focus on benefits-answer customer’s “WIIFM” channel. @LisaRaymondAZ
  • Brand Essence. @BrianBlatnicki

7. How can you engage and encourage participation in a brand? 

  • Being real, clear, compelling, consistent & honest while always adding value will encourage engagement. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Being Clear, Consistent and Relevant. @onebio_me
  • Make your brand a cause and not just a commodity. @msgatoradr I serve you because…. @elizabethtraub
  • Engage & encourage brand participation by sharing (no tmi) your personal journey highlights & lowlights. @LadiesWhoBrand
  • Put the megaphone down and be real. Be a fan of your fans. Acknowledge and celebrate them. @nLight11

Bottom line: Social media is all about people. Be who you are and be true to YOU.  Be nice, share your unique value, and be consistent.

We can all collaborate and learn from each other to evolve into better versions of ourselves… one day at a time!

Want to catch the live feed?  http://n5t.co/BkwH

Would love to hear your answers to the above 7 questions — please share below!

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