My New Media Expo Journey


When I first landed at the New Media Expo (originally BlogWorld) in 2013, even though I had been researching and participating in social media, podcasting, video and blogging since 2010, I quickly realized that I was a complete newbie and very naive.  Thus, I shifted gears to get ready to soak in all of the knowledge ready to be shared by some of the biggest names and well-respected thought leaders in the new media industry.  In the next three days, I attended every session possible with my “All Access Pass” and took tons and tons of notes. I was a complete conference geek, even taking lunch to my hotel room with the curtains shut to decompress and get ready to soak in the afternoon knowledge and skipped all of the evening activities except sleeping.  It was worth every penny for my first year in attendance.

Kathy Bass - IntervieweeBefore arriving back at #NMX in 2014, I had realized that everyone, no matter how big or small, was a content creator and a media company.  I also realized the power of being present and embracing the uncertainty.  Luckily, I didn’t have to wait until Vegas to start experiencing “it.”  The #HappyAccidents started at the Phoenix Airport before I even left.  Instead of being worried about waiting in line or when the airplane would take off, I checked out the TV screen and relearned a simple, yet powerful golfing tip that can apply to just about anything in life and business:
1) Plan 2) Execute 3) Accept results

MissAmerica copy

Once I boarded the airplane, let’s just say that my seatmate was connected to someone pretty and smart who represents America with a crown … and we had a wonderful conversation and connection, then I got to meet Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014, LIVE! She was chatting, mingling and being gracious with all the people wanting to take pictures with her at the DOAC  @VisitAC Cocktail Party where the New Media Expo crowd learned about the fabulous travel opportunities in Atlantic City!


In 2013, through some of my local connections in attendance, I had met some really cool people on my one social dinner outing with 10 people which parlayed into a dinner of 40 people in 2014 and without naming names, I finally got to try on a pair of Google glasses and be in the company of some really awesome people that I recognized from the keynote sessions and panels of 2013 and 2014!

After three years of attending various local and national seminars, conferences and expos, I can absolutely say that New Media Expo is THE annual “must attend” expo for so many reasons!  Here are my top 3 reasons:

  1. The #HappyAccidents that occur.
  2. The variety of topics you can learn about to take you and your business to the next level.
  3. The savvy participants and accessibility to speakers that you can get a chance to talk with.

If I had to choose my top 3 highlights, which is very hard, but has to be done, here they are:

ScottStratten1. Keynote from Scott Stratten: Social media is not new, it is just a new label.  Social media is talking… whether that be at forums, chats, events, meetings or co-collaboration. Watch his energetic keynote here and you won’t regret it!

2. Keynote from Lynette Young: There is no such thing as an overnight success! Watch her awesome and inspiring keynote here.

Chris Brogan

3. The 15 minute hallway meeting with Chris Brogan:  Come with questions already in mind to make your business better… and your ship will sail in the right direction!

Whether a newbie or not; just as you can choose any kind of vacation that you would like to experience in Vegas, you can also choose what kind of conference and/or vacation experience you want to experience with the New Media Expo.

In conclusion, I’d love to share my 5 question interview with Joanna Kinsman, one of the many PR muscles behind the New Media Expo curtain:

  1. What was your favorite part of the expo?
    Our favorite part of NMX this year was the extra energy, comradery, and drive by new media experts and enthusiasts. New media is picking up more and more momentum every year, as greater numbers turn to online and mobile entertainment. We were also ecstatic to have teamed up with IAWTV Awards this year, giving everyone the opportunity to celebrate Web TV in addition to our Annual Podcast Awards. It’s great to be able to recognize all of these people who are making history in new media.
  2. Was it successful and how do you know?
    NMX 2014 was a huge success. Despite the weather and time of year, we saw record breaking numbers in attendees, and overall incredible feedback regarding our speakers, panelists, exhibitors, and sponsors. We’re so grateful to everyone who came out, and look forward to seeing an even greater turn-out in 2015.
  3. Are the dates set for 2015?
    We do not have dates set for 2015 but will announce this as soon as this is confirmed.
  4. What is the main goal for 2015?
    We are always striving to educate, entertain, connect, and support the Bloggers, Podcasters, and Web Television content creators. Each year we receive feedback from our guests and take that to heart to implement to make the following year even greater. But above making the event bigger and better, we aim to deliver and over deliver in content, connections, and value.
  5. Anything else you’d like to add?
    NMX would truly like to thank all of our valued attendees who joined us this year at #NMX, as well as our expert panelists and speakers, and of course our exhibitors and sponsors and our own staff for making this astounding event what it has become and will continue to grow into.


Rick and Dave.jpgThank you so much, Joanna, for your time to talk with me.  This is THE only conference of its’ kind, mostly due to the yearlong commitment, passion, and empathy of the co-founders Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin, Marketing Director Coach Deb, Social Media Maven Megan Enloe and the entire team of behind-the-scenes people to make this event possible… even with the challenges of Snowmageddon.

CameraGuyI am grateful for all of the wonderful things that happened this year and new friends that I met offline — what a great way to kick off  2014!!!  I really felt the community of the New Media Expo whether I was participating or observing, which is what brings me to my conclusion that you have to attend “in person” to really “experience” the energy and the offline connectivity!  Thank you New Media Expo organizers, speakers and attendees for an awesome three days!  See you all in 2015.

Bottom line: Show up, “Power up!” and create great
FOCUSent so us geeks will share it for you. 

Most importantly …
Focus on what matters, not what’s new.

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