LWB Branding Story

How Ladies Who Brand, Inc. got branded in the words of the Founder, Kathy Bass:

The business idea.

Once I discovered that branding was THE key element to social media and business success in 2010 I started researching, testing, and refining my branding process, while reading countless of the latest social media and new thought-leader books. I wanted to figure out how those big on passion, yet short on time and money can achieve success in our new digital world, and I believe I have done it.  After figuring this out, and overcoming a fear of public speaking, I am ready to share these key elements of branding and business success with you!

Please remember, anything of value takes work and the hardest part is getting to the essence of the matter. Who are you and what are you meant to bring to this world?  These are the questions that will lead you to the brand I hope to help you discover, create and communicate.

The business name.

After a meeting with another branding professional, the name “Ladies Who Brand” popped in my head.  It fit perfectly with my name: The Branding Lady® and my branding dynamic duo vision.  After our second meeting, I discovered that our vision was not the same – her vision was profits and my vision was helping people communicate their passion first, and then profits.

Now, everyone starts asking me, “Who are the Ladies?”  After trying to avoid this question and hide what I perceived as a weakness, I decide to turn it into a strength.  Why not create a thank you list with all of the ladies that helped me – good or bad, big or small – along the way to shape my brand.  After all, I don’t own my brand, I just created it and it grows from there.   Today, I am proud to say that the name has even more meaning and strength behind it with a continual growing list of ladies.

The logo.

On one seemingly normal day, I was on the treadmill and stared at the power button a few moments before pressing it…then my “a-ha moment” happened.  I thought to myself, “This sums up perfectly the business that you are trying to create – to provide all the valuable branding knowledge, resources and tools, so others can press the power button!”  Since there are no shortcuts or easy buttons (not even Staples has one), I won’t press it for you, but I will provide you with everything you need to Power up!

How about the pink and black colors?  Well, black is mysterious, and pink provides contrast.  The two colors work together to grab attention and enable us to stand out from the crowd.