Part 2: Building Your Brand – “The How”

rss-KathyBassPlease note this is an introduction from Kenya Halliburton about our branding conversation.

If you haven’t listened to part one, you’ll want to do that before listening to this conversation because Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady  really set the stage by giving us the “Why” of branding.


Now let’s dig into the “How”.

You want to listen to this conversation if you are:

  • Having a “brand identity crisis” and need help stat
  • Wondering how and where to start crafting your brand image
  • Struggling to find the confidence to step out and rock your stage
  • Ready to crush ego and fear to become the “The CEO of YOU” to make money
    and meaning with your gifts

Because, in this fun and informative 44 minute conversation, you’ll discover:

  • The REAL definition of branding

  • The benefits of doing brand work

  • The top pitfalls and mistakes people make when trying to build their brand by themselves and how you can avoid them

  • What you should know before outsourcing your social media voice

  • How to scale down what you offer to make it easy to digest and buy from you

  • 3 things we can do today to start building a brand people know, love and buy

Kathy also shares the 5 keys to brand your self successfully from her book:
Power up! Branding: 5 Steps to move YOU from having a brand to seeing results.

Key Take Away:
Start Small, Think BIG and remember to Play!

Connect with Kathy:


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