Power up!® Branding Reflections

PowerupLadyPower up!® Branding Reflections

Since my last seminar was over a year ago, and the first Power up!® Branding workshop was on April 25, 2014, I’m excited to share the results with you. While getting ready for the workshop or “funshop” as it is now referred to, I realized how much I have missed educating and helping people in a group setting. I tried out a revamped format and even had a lady Skype in from Chicago. It was awesome. The participants used these 3 words to describe the event:

Comradery. Inspiring. Personable.

As with any new product or service, I always recommend a test run first so the audience can tell you what they think it is about, what value they gain, how it makes them feel and what price seems fair to them. In my book, that kind of feedback is priceless. In essence, this is your focus group – one that you don’t have to pay for if you are delivering value, and you get immediate, real and direct feedback. Although I was open to any new discoveries, the feedback was in alignment with the workshop description, which is always a nice feeling! I did learn that my initial price was too high for the target audience (New business owners, Artists and Entrepreneurs) and thus adjusted it right away. When planning the day, I didn’t realize how much value the group would be providing for each other, as they all had similar fears, doubts, and aspirations. I loved seeing this and enjoyed how the group was able to be completely honest, open and helpful with one another … here are the top 3 lists:

Favorite part:

  • Getting to know other women and their experiences.
  • Collaborating with other women.
  • Getting to know what others are experiencing.

Value gained:

  • Confidence that I’m on the right track and not alone.
  • Power of knowing I can start to believe in myself.
  • A little more confidence I know others are in the same boat as I am in.

kathy-homeAbout the educator and workshop:

  • “Kathy is so positive and makes me feel that I do have the power to make my brand a success.” Natalie Karis, Anti-aging Specialist, Natalie’s Skincare Studio
  • “It is good to have a place to express your fears and questions without worrying about being judged. Michele Gaudioso,” Jewelry Artist, The Gaudioso Collection
  • “The workshop was informative, fun and entertaining. I would highly recommend to others who want to become more focused on brand outcome.” Katie Lynn Lake, Job Seeker

Want to join the workshop in Phoenix or from the comfort of your own home or office?

It’s fun learning, growing and sharing!

Join us LIVE! in Phoenix or via Skype – $99 tickets for May 2, 9, 16, 23 or 30 are here.

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