Power up!® Branding


Grab a blank piece of paper and a pen, sit back, and enjoy
your edutainment experience that
will guide you to discover Brand YOU
and Power up! your brand energy.

Power up! Branding will automatically start in less than 1 minute
will continue to move from scene to scene
— you don’t have to press any buttons, but may have to allow a minute for the video to load.

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There are 6 parts to the video:

{13 minutes} Scene 1 — Kathy & Nicole discuss being a Brand Magnet, Entrepreneur and challenges that everyone struggles with

{7 minutes} Scene 2 — Kathy talks about how her brand identity started a business and how her lessons learned can help you excel

{6 minutes} Scene 3 — Kathy shows you the meaning behind her tagline, how it was discovered and how it can help you

{2 minutes} Scene 4 — With the help of two paper bags, Kathy demonstrates the Marketing Paradigm Shift in less than 2 minutes

{1 minute} Scene 5 — Theories and formulas to help you cohesively put together your pieces

{3 minute} Scene 6 — History and Future of Branding, along with the top 3 questions to ask yourself to discover brand YOU