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LiveLifeHappyQuote“Who are you?” seems like such a simple question, yet many choose to start forming opinions about someone by asking this question first: “So, what do you do?”  That seemingly innocent, yet commonly feared question causes people to avoid events, choke from anxiety and even stutter or stumble for words.  Anyone who has been laid off or fired and has attached their self-image to what their title, salary or line of work is knows the terror when this piece of their identity is stripped away.  For two years, I suffered from this terror anytime I attended a black tie event for my husband’s work and had many tricks up my sleeve to avoid that feared question.

After much soul searching, reading and researching I finally realized that people didn’t care what I did, they just wanted to get to know me.  Instead of hiding from that question and missing out on some cool conversations, I could have spoken my truth: “We just moved here and I haven’t figured it out yet.”  Aah… the power of hindsight.

Tips to Power up!® your identity:

  1. Understand that you are not your job or your title, you are a person.
  2. Instead of focusing on the past, think about what you can do to move forward.
  3. Appreciate your uniqueness by knowing that no one else has the same background, knowledge, beliefs and life experiences as you.

Tips to enjoy your evolving identity:

  1. Embrace being uncomfortable, being uncertain and not knowing all the answers.
  2. Relish quality time alone to reflect on changes, desires and memorable moments.
  3. Don’t forget to laugh along the way because when you mess up that means you are trying.

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