Power up! Your Brand Voice

Power-up!-ButtonIf you are ready to Power up! your brand voice… there are 3 requirements to make it happen, make it heard, and make it sustainable; which just happen to be the same 3 desirable results of discovering, creating, and being able to communicate a simple, yet powerful brand and business. 

Ready {motivated}?
Set {positive mindset on}?
Power up! {shine from the inside out}

Here are the 3 V.I.P. requirements:

  1. Vulnerability

  2. Imperfection

  3. Patience

I believe with me explaining what I mean with each of the above words, along with some thought and practice you can get started on Monday by writing your own blog or even just write in a word document until you are ready to release it…and yes, there will be rewards and consequences; which are a natural part of taking risks and being human. 

I do love Facebook, didn’t used to, but that was because I didn’t understand how it worked and how others worked it.  Now, thanks to the last 3 years of observation, trial and error, seminars and a lovely Facebook support group that helps me… I understand that it is a tool and I have figured out how it works best for me and my personal goals.  It seems that when we collaborate together to help each other learn, stretch and grow, Facebook garners the best results.
Yes, I hear you… let’s get on with the “Power up! Your Brand Voice” show:

1. How do you define vulnerability?

Diane Parker Meehl: A willingness to be authentic, let down your defenses and pretenses.

Cindy Goodman McGee: In humbleness we set aside pride, fear, and selfish ambition…and become “vulnerable.”  We can get caught up on thinking of vulnerable as powerless or as a victim mentality. But one can not steal what has already been given. Our vulnerabilities are the gifts given to those people who matter.

2. How do you define imperfection?

Kathy Bass: Being human, flawed and accepting that we are a “total package.” Understanding and being okay that we will always be a work in progress and realizing that perfection doesn’t exist.

3. How do you define patience?

Kathy Bass: Understanding that if we strive for progress and improvement each and every day and accept that hard work and time are part of the process and the journey; so we can be patient with ourselves and others to see positive, valuable and sustainable success.

Bottom line for results: It takes courage to be vulnerable, and being vulnerable means you are daring to do great things and wanting to be a great person!

Work in progress update: The train has left the station… choo choo – translation:
I Powered up! myself and am back on track moving forward and ready to help others be the best brand they can be starting on March 11.

Why am I waiting until March 11? I’m taking a “social media fast” for a week, so I can organize my content for Ladies Who Brand Branding YOUniversity… finally launching in late March after I shoot and edit videos {all by myself!} to show others by example that WE CAN do anything we set our mind to and we can do it cost effectively by being resourceful!

Want to join the branding community? I would love it if you could comment on this blog or post your branding thoughts, wishes or questions on my Facebook page for a welcome treat when I return back to the digital world on March 11, 2013!

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