Productivity: How to be in flow and complete everything you have to get done

Productivity: How to be in flow and complete everything you have to get done by Paula D’Andrea

Paula D'AndreaThis is a special 3 part guest blog by Paula D’Andrea who is an amazing transformational specialist and new friend. We first met at a CEO Bootcamp in Los Angeles. Within a week, after a LinkedIn connection, email and phone conversation, we taped a video together and afterwards had an amazing conversation about confidence and how to be in alignment (flow); which is the key to becoming, being and remaining a successful brand.

Here are Paula’s thoughts and tips on how to help you focus in order to be in flow with everything you have to get done. We’ll start with tip one, productivity – to help you be confident, so you can make swift, timely and sound decisions – and the most of your time.

One key to being confident is knowing you are in flow with everything you’ve to get done. To be able to honor yourself, value yourself and make the most of your time. To be productive …


How do you spend your time to stay on time with clients, projects and contacts? Where and how do you fit in schmoozing, cruising and staying up to date? One way to be confident in your actions is to stay in action. To make the most of your day without burning out.

Write it out – makeProductivityQuote a list, spreadsheet…. whatever works for you. Sure, things may change during your day – you have the flexibility for it. All in all, with a list, you’ll get more d

Focus on the money – learn to delegate tasks that are time wasters. Know the value of your resources and prioritize. Working for yourself? Go to an outside source for graphics, reports, etc., and focus your hours towards generating more business.

Prioritize – work on the most important project before anything else – it deserves your attention! The first 1-3 hours of your day should be filled with what deserves your utmost attention. Emails, social media, etc. can wait. For projects that are ongoing, adjust your schedule accordingly.
Confident people make decisions quickly, and they move from one project to another with grace and ease. We hope this first productivity tip helps you make the most of your day and be the best brand you can be!

Thank you for contributing your knowledge, power and tips Paula! It was a pleasure meeting and taking with you.


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  1. August 5, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Thanks so much for hosting me Kathy – you sure know how to Power up!®

    Wishing you continued Success,

    • August 12, 2014 at 3:08 am

      You are welcome Paula! Love your comment: “you sure know how to Power up!®”
      Looking forward to future successful collaboration projects with you.
      Wishing you continued success and momentum!

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