Radio Series: Find Your Brand Voice

Radio Series:  Find Your Brand Voice

Welcome to the world of branding according to Kathy Bass on the VoiceAmerica™ Network!

Listen to the LIVE show replay here!

VoiceAmerica ShowAt the top of the hour, you’ll find out what your brand voice consists of and understand why your brand voice can be your most powerful (and free!) sales tool.

You will gain enlightenment on how to go about finding your authentic brand voice.

Then, you’ll discover how personality, circumstance and context can affect your brand voice.

Be ready to go from feeling unheard to being comfortable expressing your beliefs, values and opinions.

You’ll be able to stop the “what-if’s” in order to start being listened to, while forming meaningful conversations and connections.

As always, there will be inspiring examples to show you how success can happen for you, too.

This will be your hour to bask in the joy of self-discovery with your own personal branding guide on your side, along with a special guest, Bernadette Boas, an ex-corporate executive, Founder of Ball of Fire, Inc. and creator of the mega-movement Shedding the Bitchâ„¢ who shares her story which includes a pink slip and two avatars named Paine and Joy!

Listen to the LIVE show replay here!

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