Radio Series: Person vs. Persona

VoiceAmerica ShowRadio Series: Person vs. Persona

Welcome to the world of branding according to Kathy Bass on the VoiceAmerica™ Network!

Listen to the LIVE show replay here!

At the top of the hour, you’ll discover the difference between your person identity and your persona identity, plus learn the key benefits of discovering this important difference.

You will gain enlightenment about what the authentic persona path looks like and how you can successfully grow into your profitable personality persona without having to “fake it until you make it” or have that perfect job or title.

Be ready to find the magical keys to unlock and unleash your inner authentic self to create and build a profitable personality, talked about in episode 1.

We’ll finish the hour with some inspiring examples to show you how it can happen for you, too. This will be your hour to bask in the joy of self-discovery as you move from your current self to your ideal self with your own personal branding guide on your side.

Bonus exercise: Current and Ideal Self Mapping Exercise.

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