Radio Series: What LIVE radio is like.

Radio Series: What LIVE radio is like.

On Air

For those curious what LIVE radio is like, in my shoes, here goes:

StudioIt is a completely different public speaking experience which creates a new set of fear friends (yes, friends, but only if you face the fear straight on, because it will give you the adrenaline needed to push through to the other side). It’s just you and the microphone with your invisible audience of (# of people???) … It was a whole new level to conquer, but I showed up (which was over half the battle since I was sleep deprived and very nervous) and carried on.

So, the hour started with me locked in a room with foam egg crates on all walls while staring at a screen shot of a wingsuit skydiver and a box of tissues to the left (thinking “why the heck are these in here?!”).

I put the head phones on, and could only hear the noise “tic, tic, tic …” Switched my gaze to the clock and then the Sound Engineer asks if I’m ready, to which I respond “Of course!” (insert sarcasm).

Comfort Zone

Next, I hear the intro music to the new show with me as the host while being aware that the host was me (yes, this is the truth) but also aware that there were people out there who needed or would need to hear my message to help them get their personal value and brand results to the next level … for that reason and for all the lovely support I received from family and friends is why I showed up.

Fast forward to seven episodes later; I’m getting ready for my eighth episode titled: 5 Step Branding Formula that airs LIVE and then gets put into the archives. It is super exciting because I’ll get to talk about the book I wrote and that awkward process. You can catch past episode replays and upcoming shows here.

Like anything, the first time around is very scary, but it is the absolute best way to learn anything you want to learn. I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new that you’ve been thinking about.

Just show up and take the dive (aka leap of faith)!


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