Re-branding Before & After Success Story

Starbucks knows what it’s like to be re-branded {4 times since 1971}…  I know what it is like to be re-branded… but do YOU know what it is like?  It isn’t just about the logo, so this re-branding story from a local entrepreneur, Dena Patton, should help you out!

How did you feel BEFORE re-branding?

I have been coaching for 11 years under another brand.  This year I wanted to do something fresh, more vulnerable and stronger in my brand. So I switched everything to my actual name (Dena Patton, Coaching & Inspiration for Women Changing The World) and I got out from under the other name (The Boundaries Coach) that I felt was easy to hide under and wasn’t all that clear.

How did you feel AFTER re-branding?

I feel new again!!! (which is hard after 11 years) My ‘new’ brand really represents me, my values, my services and where I want to be (as a brand and as a company) in the next couple years. I feel like my brand and my services are 100% clear and powerful now.

Do you wish you had done this sooner?

It was very intimidating to change my brand name to my actual name, so thank God Kathy assured me it would be uncomfortable for only a couple weeks (which it was).  It was perfect timing because I was really ready for the re-branding process and knew with Kathy’s help I could get through the thick ‘forest’ to see clearly again.

Lessons learned:

I learned that the branding/re-branding process IS a process and that it is best done with someone on the ‘outside’ helping you. Like coaching, sometimes we need that external person holding our hand and who gives us a fresh perspective, also to push you along the process.  I also learned that sometimes I didn’t have the answer but I trusted myself to come to the answer – it’s a trusting process for sure.

Top 3 benefits gained:

  1. Clarity in my new brand promise/values/services.
  2. Clarity in my visuals — logo, cards, website, etc.
  3. Fresh confidence/energy to go to the next level of my company.

W.O.W. {words of wisdom}:

If you haven’t gone through the branding process with Kathy you should!  This is a process that no business owner should deny themselves, because it is like going through a full outside and inside image makeover but for your business!   The inner workings of your business will match the outer workings of your business and you will feel 100% fully aligned, powerful and confident all the way around. After working with Kathy I felt that I was ready to share my company with the world on a whole new level (which I have ~ thank you Kathy!).

You are welcome Dena! That is the moment I strive for in the re-branding process… to make you feel ‘new’ again, so you can be BIGger and better at what you do best!

“Our real problem is not our strength today; it is rather the vital necessity of action today to ensure our strength tomorrow.”
~ Calvin Coolidge

PS – This was too hard to consolidate into one post, so stay tuned for part 2 next week!


I hope you are starting to realize that you are communicating your brand every day, in every way. Just be you, fulfill what you promise and always give your best.

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