See results. Stop the craziness and save money by having a personal brand.

There are too many entrepreneurs wasting too much time, money and efforts on marketing.  They hang their shingles, announce that they are in business and then start spending their marketing budgets, without doing one critical thing first….they skip the step of defining a Personal Brand!

See how you can stop the craziness and save money by learning from Jane, a Phoenix Masseuse, who was long on passion and enthusiasm, yet short on planning:

In her first 6 months of business, Jane buys new business cards and flyers that she posts all over her local area.  She hires a website designer to create her professional-looking website.  She then joins the local Chamber of Commerce, places ads in three local papers, buys an advertising slot on the local radio station, starts attending local networking events, and purchases a vendor booth at a business expo to offer free massages.  

Jane has spent over $3000 and as a result of her investment she lands 2 clients who pay her $80 per hour.   She works with one client once and the other becomes a regular who comes to her for twice per month.  Jane is frustrated, tired, and worried that starting a business wasn’t such a good idea.  Her savings are dwindling.  She isn’t sure she will succeed.

Let’s take another look at Jane when she decides to start with a personal brand.

Jane wants to be the premier massage therapist for new mothers and their babies.  She has noticed that her particular therapy helps babies sleep and new mothers relax and feel less overwhelmed.   Jane calls her massage, “Mommy and Baby’s Miracle Massage”.  She calls herself, “The Mommy Masseuse.”

Jane finds a local “Mommy Magazine” where she can advertise in for a fraction of the cost of advertising in local papers.  She has two girlfriends who have just had babies.  She asks them to introduce her to their Mommy’s Group Leader who invites Jane in to demonstrate her massage techniques.  At the demo, Jane passes out her business cards, a 5% Discount postcard, and a Tips Sheet.  Jane gets 3 new clients on the spot.  A week later, two more moms call to sign up with her.

Jane then approaches 3 local pediatricians to establish partnerships.   Two of the pediatricians let Jane leave her flyers and business cards in their office.  She also schedules after hours demonstration sessions in each of their offices.  Jane signs on 5 new clients.

By the end of 8 months, Jane has too many clients, and the successful results continue…

Are you ready to stand out and get noticed? 

Ready, set, brand:

Conduct research to determine your best offering, identify your ideal client & figure out why they should want to work with you.  Then, discover the most effective way to connect with that client.  Now, focus on establishing a true connection with your ideal clients.

With a Personal Brand you have a greater chance of standing out and connecting to potential customers than if you just hang your shingles and do busy work.  A little bit of upfront planning can lead to long term gains.  Stop wasting your money, time, and efforts; stop the craziness…invest in a personal brand.

Excerpts from blog: Karen Graves, Startup Strategist

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