Should you put your “real” personality into your brand?

Should you put your “real” personality into your brand?

PersonalityThe title of this blog is from Marie Forleo who helps people create a business and life that they love. This particular blog caught my eyes and ears. The “real” personality question and how much to show is a very common one, which she brilliantly and originally answers here in this video:

Want more? Read the full blog, her thoughts and reader comments here.

You can also sign up to receive weekly free tips via these videos. Marie posts new blogs with a video every Tuesday, and they are always smart, succinct and fun to watch and learn. Love how she always includes a personalized tweetable: “Showing your personality doesn’t mean you have to show everything.” @MarieForleo

Thanks for being YOU Marie and for sharing your smart advice to help thousands of ladies create a business and life to love!


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