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Renegades Write The Rules

How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to INNOVATE

Have you ever seen a jetpack before?

They aren’t that common, and neither is this book I just read!

I was reading my favorite rule…#4: “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable,” when I received a special opportunity to meet the author, Amy Jo Martin and the Digital Royalty team, along with viewing that rare jetpack…some of the top highlights of my recent trip that won’t be staying in Vegas, but will be carried with me for future inspiration!

Upon arrival, the Digital Royalty team, dR, took a short break from “Operation Pre-book-launch” to provide a warm welcome and share the latest developments about their new automated social media learning platform.

We discussed how social media is such an extremely powerful tool, yet unfortunately most people haven’t been properly educated, nor do they understand the necessary rules to harness the incredible power that social media has to offer all of us.  Without this important education and knowledge, precious resources are wasted.  Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that gap anymore, because this “Renegade” book and Digital Royalty University are the perfect, complimentary solutions to stop this widespread misappropriation of social media resources.

As dR shared their “Renegade” reasons behind the Digital Royalty HQ move from Phoenix to Las Vegas, Amy Jo arrived and generously offered fifteen minutes, in between her insanely busy media interview schedule, to talk with me.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this meeting with you?  Here is why:

  • I’d like you to get to know the person behind the book to enable you to trust her, so you can listen and learn a lot of valuable knowledge.
  • Amy Jo is one of those rare dynamic leaders who consistently follows this important credibility and relationship building rule:  “If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk.
  • For those of you who already know me, you know that I always love to share examples of Brand Moguls delivering on their promises:  one of Amy Jo’s promises is to try and bridge the virtual and physical worlds as they unfold day by day in front of all of us, and she delivered.

Now, back to the meeting…initially, I was intimidated because of her roster of celebrity clients, and was unsure what to expect after reading some the high caliber of case studies shared generously in her book.  I’m happy to report that when we met in the “physical” world, I was drawn to her no-nonsense style, along with her unstoppable attitude and quiet determination, which I can relate to and highly respect.

We discussed the entrepreneur roller coaster ride and ways to help others leapfrog the most common “been there, done that” mistakes, so they can achieve successful results sooner, rather than later.  Included in this book are 8 royal rules listed with their obstacles, termed “allergies,” described for you to recognize and overcome, so you can navigate and leapfrog through this digital maze called social media.  Promise delivered?  Check!

Not sure if this book is for you? Let me conclude by highlighting 3 essential features of this extremely uncommon and educational book:

  1. You will feel like Amy Jo is having a conversation with you, and that she really wants to help you succeed!
  2. Amy Jo will provide you with a plethora of stories for you to relate lessons learned in your own innovative way, and figure out how to be able to execute this rare knowledge in your own “Renegade” way.
  3. Another important success item that this book delivers to you is the courage, confidence, and conviction needed to build a strong brand foundation that can showcase your brand personality… a key to sustainable social media success!

With social media and life, you can’t and shouldn’t copy what everyone else is doing.

Doing social media right is about building your credibility and developing your relationships in your own special “Renegade” way to pull in new brand fans and convert them to loyal brand ambassadors.  At this point, I must issue a warning: After you finish reading the book, you will want to put on your own “virtual” jetpack and take flight.  Go #TeamRenegades!

Please note: This complimentary, exclusive, advanced copy was provided to me in exchange for an unbiased book review, along with a “virtual” handshake promising that I would give a copy away.  After fulfilling this simple, yet powerful agreement, I have to admit that I really feel like the winner and know whomever else reads the book will too!

More information about Digital Royalty University:  Since 2009, out of the 100’s of social media experts, gurus, etc. that I have met, there are only a handful that truly ‘get it,’ and have the resources already in action to offer comprehensive programs for you to launch and grow your brand presence pronto!

Of course, Digital Royalty is one of them, and lucky for you – school is open at Digital Royal University.  The good news is that you can attend this school wherever and whenever you want, plus you get to select your own curriculum, one class at a time or as a package deal.

Note to Ajo: Thank you so much for this book and for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm, inspiration and extra jet fuel to solidify my personal quest in life.  I appreciate this exclusive opportunity to recruit other “Renegades” to join your powerful passion and purpose in life. Congratulations to you on this epic milestone!

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