Has your brand given up on Twitter?

If your brand is thinking about giving up time on Twitter, this news might change your mind…


As our social media frontier is being paved brick by brick before our very eyes, we welcome any newcomers that can simplify and add meaning to our journey down the social media road. Nestivity may just be one of those players to increase your Twitterverse affinity and effectiveness.

The two biggest questions at the Nestivity VIP Event during the New Media Expo in Las Vegas Jan 6-8, 2013 were:

1/ When will they hatch? March, 2013

2/ What are they all about? It’s hard to catch the Nestivity pulse because they are in stealth mode, but I can share their simple, yet powerful goal: “Build community on Twitter.”

According to a July 2012 survey by Acquity Group, Ltd., less than 27 percent actively participate in Twitter conversations with consumers. Nestivity incubated six months ago to address the lack of tools available for brands to effectively manage and respond to tweets that could result in the kind of conversations that birth and allow a vibrant community base to take flight.

Appropriately fitting for the passion and purpose behind their name:
Nesting + Nativity = Nestivity.

As I learned during my exclusive interview with CEO Bahram Nour-Omid, the first release will enable brands to listen, engage and manage discussions on a whole new, enjoyable level while making it easy for interested people to join the conversation with questions, experiences, and ideas. The fanpage-like interface enables brands to easily engage in with community members while amplifying conversation.

Guess which “Guy” was the first to sign up?
Yes, you guessed it! Alltop founder Guy Kawasaki.

I also had the honor of listening in on the #NMX “Business Next – The Future of Communities in Social Media” discussion between Guy Kawasaki, author Mari Smith, and Nour-Omid moderated by Evolve! CEO Mark Fidelman.

It was an honest, knowledgeable, and lively discussion which highlighted the fact that, similar to everyone being a brand, people are also the leaders of their own communities; whether the community consists of 25 or 250+ individuals…

If you would like to receive updates on Nestivity’s progress or participate in their Beta nest, or if you simply want to be kept abreast of their launch, please enter your email address here.

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